MLB Power Rankings-4/16/17

You made it through the week. That’s something to be proud of even if you made it through barely. Some teams did the same thing this week. Here’s the Power Rankings from this week. From 30 to 1, the good, the bad and the kinda average. These rankings are something to live by. Enjoy.

30. Philadelphia Phillies 4-7 (L10: 3-7)

The Phillies bring up the rear of this week’s power rankings. They haven’t been horrible and they haven’t even had the worst start in the league but they are one of the teams with the lowest ceiling. They are still trending upwards from a development standpoint but they are not there yet.

29. Atlanta Braves 4-6 (L10: 4-6)

The Braves would have liked to field a championship team in the first season playing in their shiny new field. The stadium looks beautiful, however, the team playing on it does not.

28. Toronto Blue Jays 2-9 (L10: 2-8)

How nice is it to start the season with a franchise worst record? Not very. This team is better than their awful play suggests but they have dug themselves a hole to begin the year. The only thing left to do is stop digging. Panic has not set in but if they continue this play they will slide down the rankings even further.

27. San Diego Padres 5-7 (L10: 4-6)

The Padres are bad but they haven’t been playing so bad to begin the year. They have had some excellent play from some of their key players, including a Wil Myers cycle and some Clayton Richard dominance. There is no doubt that this team will hover around this spot for the year or slide down.

26. St. Louis Cardinals 3-8 (L10: 2-8)

The Cardinals have been following the Blue Jays model for success to start the year and it was been working great for them as they have managed three wins already! This team is too good to stay down here.

25. Milwaukee Brewers 6-6 (L10: 6-4)

The Brewers are sitting within the top ten for earned runs against so far this year and they are sitting just out side the top ten in terms of runs scored per game. If this continues I will be forced to move them up in my rankings.

24. San Francisco Giants 5-8 (L10: 4-6)

This season would be going very different for the Giants if their bullpen was performing to their potential. There has been blown lead after blown lead. With the rest of their division doing as well as they have, they cannot afford to continue this way if they have playoff aspirations.

23. Texas Rangers 4-7 (L10: 4-6)

The Rangers are another team who is under-performing. Some of their struggles can be chalked up to their former closer Sam Dyson but they have also struggled with divisional opponents. The Astros are running away with it but they West can be this bad can it?

22. Oakland Athletics 5-7 (L10: 4-6)

Speaking of the A.L. West the next two teams on the list are from that West division. The bottom four teams are all bunched around the same record. The A’s were supposed to be one of the worst teams in this division but so far they have surprised. It will just be a question of if their pitching can hold up.

21. Seattle Mariners 4-8 (L10: 4-6)

The Mariners could have been alongside the Jays and the Cardinals due to a horrid start but they have turned it around recently in their series against Texas. They are still not ranked great but they have shown signs of life.

20. Pittsburgh Pirates 5-6 (L10: 5-5)

A losing season last year and a rough start this year. I guess that’s what happens when you have to play the Cubs on a regular basis.

19. Kansas City Royals 5-6 (L10: 5-5)

The Royals are on the same trajectory as the Pirates. They have had success in recent years, more success than the Pirates mind you, but the years have taxed them and they must find a way to get away from the middle of the pack.

18. Chicago White Sox 5-5 (L10: 5-5)

This team should be at the bottom but they have done well to start the year. However, this may be the high point of thier season because it is certainly not sustainable.

17. Los Angeles Angels 6-6 (L10: 5-5)

It’s getting odd seeing all these teams that I predicted would finish near the bottom of the league have success early. Maybe I’m just bad a predicting team success, which makes these rankings almost useless. Hm, I guess I’ll continue thinking that I’m the best until these teams shut me up.

16. Tampa Bay Rays 6-6 (L10: 5-5)

The Rays have experienced a backwards start to the season. Their success has come from their hot hitters and their pitchers have been the ones dragging them down. A full 180 degree switch from what their strengths are.

15. Miami Marlins 6-5 (L10: 6-4)

One of the best hitting teams in the league, they will continue to have success as long as their pitchers can hold on.

14. Washington Nationals 6-5 (L10: 5-5)

The Nats have been on each end of routs this week, leaving them right in the middle of the power rankings.

13. Cleveland Indians 5-6 (L10: 4-6)

They had a sweep to open the season and it looked like they would run away with the league, but that has not been the case. Only two wins since their opening series is bad news.

12. Arizona Diamondbacks 7-5 (L10: 6-4)

Similar to the Marlins, the Diamondbacks will have a better offense but they have not-so quality pitching to back them up.

11. Boston Red Sox 6-5 (L10: 5-5)

Injuries have decimated the team thus far and after betting the entire farm on this season they need to start winning. At least Chris Sale has been great so far. We miss you David Ortiz.

10. New York Yankees 7-4 (L10: 7-3)

The Baby Bombers have started the year like we thought they would, by hitting dingers. Sitting top ten in home runs per nine innings, the Yankees want to continue this pace. As long as Aaron Judge is hitting above .250 they will be just fine.

9. Chicago Cubs 6-5 (L10: 6-4)

6-5? Ninth in the power rankings? Ouch.

8. Minnesota Twins 7-4 (L10: 6-4)

To add insult to injury for the Cubs, the team directly above them is the Twins. Not a great tea but they have been wonderful to start the year. Maybe this what the rebuild was leading up to. No matter what happens, I think we can agree that Sano is pretty fun to watch.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers 7-5 (L10: 6-4)

The one factor that will limit the Dodgers this year is hitting against left handers . If they can’t hit lefties they won’t win a championship. Simple math. I think they are thankful the best lefty in the game plays for them not against them.

6. Cincinnati Reds 8-4 (L10: 7-3)

The Reds have been arguably the best team so far in the league, but I still have them on the outside looking in of the top five. Until they continue this for another week or so, I’m not a believer.

5. Detroit Tigers 7-4 (L10: 6-4)

On the edge of a fire sale, Justin Verlander has said that the team knows that they need to wins games or they might be traded. That mindset seems to be working because they are comfortably in the top five. All this without Miguel Cabrera at his best.

4. Baltimore Orioles 7-3 (L10: 7-3)

Also a team who could be placed number one, but they only get this spot because they have played the Jays most this season and they have handed them wins. As of writing this they are one their way to another win against the Jays.

3. New York Mets 7-5 (L10: 6-4)

Pitching, pitching, pitching. No, that doesn’t sound right. So far this year the offense has been revived and they are hitting absolute bombs. And their pitching hasn’t been bad either.

2. Colorado Rockies 8-5 (L10: 6-4)

This is another team who has been destroying their opponents. I and everyone else have questions about their pitching however.

  1. Houston Astros 8-4 (L10: 6-4)

The Astros have been the most complete team so far this year. They have gotten hitting, pitching, and timely defense. All this has made them the team to beat in this early season.


Tune in next week to see where you favorite team falls.